Michelle Hunziker’s farewell to her beloved poodle Lilly

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11 years of shared life and lots and lots of love The honey-colored poodle Lilly, inseparable friend of Michelle Hunziker, has died (the cause of death is not yet known, it could be due to old age). To communicate it is his grieving “mother”, who moved his followers with the long and heartfelt goodbye on social media to what was in effect a member of the Hunziker-Trussardi family.

Here she is dedicate which, on Instagram, accompanies the very tender photo in which Lilly enjoys the cuddles of her Michelle Hunziker, lying on her chest and with a blissful face: “Wherever I was, whatever I did, she was there… Two dark and expressive eyes, always turned towards me waiting for me to tell her where to go, what to do, who to bark, to be picked up to be given a kiss and to scratch her behind those very tender soft ears that only she had.

He accompanied me on many adventures and was in symbiosis with me. I took her everywhere… I always thought in recent years that a life without her was not possible. Lilly was my friend. Pure, perpetual and unconditional love. I’m heartbroken because it’s gone now. It’s hard to think about home and our family without her. Such a small creature capable of giving so much love. Now there is an immeasurable emptiness and so much pain that it will only subside with time. It has been 11 wonderful years with you and I will always carry you in my heart. I love you my little love ».

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