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Mick Jagger and Luciana Gimenez celebrate their son's birthday together

Luciana Gimenez 54, and Mick Jagger 80, got together again, this time to celebrate their birthday Lucas Jagger the couple's son, who turned 25 this past Saturday (18).

After celebrating the young man's graduation, the presenter shared some clicks of what the party was like, which took place in New York, in the United States, and was attended by friends and family.

“A special night seeing my son smile, what more can I ask for? Anything! Just say thank you. Thank you to all friends and family. We love you”, wrote Luciana.

Even though they have a great relationship today, the Brazilian and Mick Jagger never actually had a relationship. When they met in 1998, the two were introduced by Gloria Maria , when the singer was still married. Still, they had an extramarital affair.

Source: CNN Brasil

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