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Mick Jagger says he prefers to donate inheritance to charity rather than his children

In an interview with “The Wall Street Journal”, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was asked about the possibility of selling the band’s post-1971 catalogue, and revealed that he prioritizes charities over his natural heirs.

“Children don’t need US$500 million to live well, come on,” said the artist, adding that the decision to donate the income earned over more than 50 years of the Rolling Stones could be to “maybe do something good in world”.

At 80 years old, Mick Jagger is the father of 8 children, the oldest of whom, Karis, is 52 years old, and the youngest, Deveraux, is just 6 years old, after choreographer and dancer Melanie Hamrick became pregnant in 2016. Jade, was the musician’s second daughter and the result of his 8-year marriage to Bianca Jagger. The artist also has 4 children with actress Jerry Hall (Elizabeth, James, Georgia May and Gabriel) and a son with Luciana Gimenez, Lucas Jagger.

During the interview, Mick Jagger also commented on the current situation in the music industry, comparing the problems that the Rolling Stones had in relation to the rights to their first works (belonging to another record company) and the situation of Taylor Swift.

“The industry was so nascent that they didn’t have the support and amount of people available to be able to advise like they do now. But, you know, it still happens… look what happened to Taylor Swift. I don’t really know the details of it, but she obviously wasn’t happy,” Jagger said.

At the beginning of September, the Rolling Stones announced for October 20th the release of the album “Hackney Diamonds”, the band’s first completely new work since 2005, and which already has confirmed partnerships with Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Bill Wyman.

Source: CNN Brasil

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