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Micro workouts: what they are, how long they last and what the benefits are

Innovation is revolutionizing the world of fitness and the way of training: to obtain the best physical results and optimize athletic preparation, the trend of workout 4.0 professionals is to exploit all the potential of technology for a personalized training and concentrated in one reduced time. Aligned to the needs of daily life with limited times and dozens of tasks that chase us.

THE wearable devices they are obviously increasingly used not only during training but also to better prepare the so-called micro workouts which characterize gyms specializing in “fast fitness”. A practice that, according to the annual survey PureGym Fitness Reportit's in 190% growth. «Ahead of our time by almost 10 years, in 2015, we founded Fit And Go, creating a network of fast fitness centers throughout Italy in which to train with the most advanced technologies to obtain immediate results», explains the founder Marco Campagnano«a goal possible by concentrating the activity in a reduced number of workouts, in sessions of maximum 20 minutes, thanks to machinery that uses wearable devices. The success of this formula, in recent days, has rewarded us with theopening of center number 100».

Among these devices there is for example the Biaor the impedance balancewhich allows one of the fastest and most precise techniques for measuring and evaluating body composition and returns in real time important parameters, (fat mass, hydration, basal metabolism, water retention) functional to maximum customization of every type of training.

But how do micro workouts differ from traditional sessions? We asked Iulian Mocanukinesiologist and technical-scientific manager of Fit and Go.


Through Fit And Go micro workouts it is possible concentrate 2-3 hours of traditional gym training into just 30 minutes. Since you work on muscle groups at the same time, dynamics that are impossible in a classic gym.

What are electromyostimulation, Vacufit and Sintesi

Ems is the acronym for electromyostimulation and it is the technology behind the training method proposed in the Fit And Go centers. Electrostimulation combined with total body workouts and functional exercises carried out with the assistance of a personal trainer they allow you to increase the natural contraction of the muscles by 80%, activating them down to the deepest layers and thus managing to stimulate metabolic activity, lastingly accelerating the basal metabolism, thus decreasing fat mass in favor of lean mass. All this can happen without exhausting training but with just 20 minutes of functional exercises per week capable of activating up to 300 muscles.

II Vacufit it is instead a revolutionary machine that allows rapid weight loss and high caloric expenditure in a short time. Very similar to a treadmill, it combines the aerobic exercise of fast walking with the «vacuum» (vacuum-packed) and to that «thermal» (based on infrared rays), allowing a significant improvement in circulation and a targeted slimming action on fatty deposits in 30 minutes of walking. The result of constant exercise with Vacufit is a improvement of microcirculationskin texture and an acceleration of the metabolism, facilitating the elimination of fat and kilos that you intend to eliminate from the thighs, buttocks, belly and hips.

Synthesis it is finally one «all in one gym» station which contains all the equipment of a gym in a single device, supporting the natural movements of the human body in both sports and rehabilitation, for a total of 200 exercises.


They vary by type of subscription, it can go to sessions, weekly or monthly. For example, a Vacufit session costs around 30 euros while six months of electromyostimulation can cost 849 euros.

«With Fit And Go, since its inception, we have put a balanced and personalized training programanticipating by several years what is becoming a trend increasingly appreciated by those who train and in which we are super specialized” concludes Campagnano.

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