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Microblading eyebrows: Chiara Biasi and Gilda Ambrosio went to the same specialist

I had never thought about microblading eyebrows. Because in life, by dint of carrying out certain actions, they become automated. Like changing gears when driving a car, pushing up eyeglasses that slide down your nose and, for me, putting makeup on my eyebrows.

Among the best products for eyebrow makeup I would certainly include…

I can't remember the last time I left the house without putting on makeup. When I want to have extra them, or even for a natural everyday look, I use the following pencil which allows you to create a hair effect (but in the past, I also had the wax and powder phase, the pen phase and the colored gel phase) .

Lancôme, Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil

In short, I have had more periods than Picasso – all united by the fact that my natural eyebrows never seemed thick enough, dark enough, expressive enough – until I landed with another artist, but a make-up onewho I noticed on social media for his skill.

A face tattoo? Yes, but only by a trusted professional

Her name is Natalia Salchow and I came across it on Instagram: I was immediately struck by its microblading technique eyebrows extremely realistic and natural, to the point that I decided that if I ever needed to get a face tattoo, she would do it for me.

Instagram content

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Natalia does her work freehand, which truly makes her an artist, and her talent is also appreciated by people who make their image their business, such asinfluencer Chiara Biasi and the co-founder of The Attico brand Gilda Ambrosio.

The eyebrows are the frame of the face, which is the real picture: they can enhance it or penalize it

It is important to underline the impact that the eyebrows not only on our gaze, but on the entire face. Thin eyebrows immediately create a 90s vibethe thick ones, sometimes exaggerated, are more modern and highlight the eyes more.

Be careful though, because trends are constantly changing…

Pammy and Tony in the 90s

Pammy and Tony in the 90s


However, because I'm not a visionary like Bella Hadid, and there's no question of embracing the look 90s gullwingsI'm still looking for thicker and more defined looking eyebrows, and among the many techniques, I opted for microblading.

Brief recap: what is microblading

It is a semi-permanent aesthetic tattoo made with a handpiece whose tip is made up of many small needles that form a blade (in English, blade). With this tool they are carried out freehand light incisions on the skin where the color pigment is inserted.

This technique follows the natural design of the eyebrows, recreating the shape and movement of the hairs, and does not have an artificial-looking filling effect, on the contrary.

A hair-by-hair eyebrow tattoo

And this is precisely why I chose this technique: the tattoo is there, but you don't notice it. My eyebrows appear thicker, I save time on makeup, I feel more beautiful and I eliminate the constant worry of having to touch up my makeup, especially when the weather gets warmer.

Because thanks to microblading, I can just do without eyebrow makeup.

What is it like in practice to do microblading

I then go to my appointment with Natalia Salchow at theBrera Clinical Institute of Milan (but she has also worked in Rome since Daniela Cervino Nails & Beauty and occasionally in Ibiza).

I am lying on the bed, and with a cosmetic pencil, Natalia begins to draw geometric lines around my eyebrows, creating a kind of map that highlights the symmetries of my face.

After applying a numbing ointment, he begins to cut into my skin with the sharp pen, that is, with the micro-bladesor micro blades. The pen already releases the pigment, which is liquid and the color most similar to our eyebrows.

A treatment during which you will NOT nap

It's not the kind of treatment where you fall asleep because it's slightly painful, although fully bearable.

I can't compare this to the real tattoo experience, as I am one tattoo-virgin, what I know though is that microblading stops at a much more superficial level than a real tattooso I guess it hurts less.

Maybe it's my vivid imagination, but when the blades meet my skin I seem to hear a sound similar to what a serrated tool would make cutting into a surface.

The pigment color is true to our natural colors

I notice that some eyebrow hairs tell me bye bye during the process, and I think this happens in limited cases in which the blade passes right over the hairline. There is also a very slight bleeding, which just needs to be dabbed with a cotton pad.

After completing the incisions, Natalia pours more pigment on the cuts, and for a few minutes the liquid expands and takes on the appearance of the singer Elio, as I show you below.

TikTok content

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Finally, the color is removed, and there is always time for an addition here and there where there are gaps – even if, as mentioned, the effect is not intended to be full and artificial.

Complete healing takes about a month

The whole thing lasts an hour and a half, and then the healing period of the tattoo begins, at the end of which the result will be revealed.

During the first week the micro wounds heal: invisible scabs form which gradually come off, and the advice is to keep the tattoo slightly hydrated with the help of a cream such as Bepanthenol.

The effect is natural and lasts up to 3 years

During this time, where the eyebrows they appear darker than they will beI avoid make-up on the area, sports that make me sweat a lot, sauna and swimming pool.

However, it is only after about a month that the tattoo reveals its true color, and you can finally observe the final result… what do you think? I love it!

For optimal results, two sessions are needed

It is necessary to do an initial session and then a touch-up after about 2 months to have the best results. Then touch-ups are made when necessary – the duration can vary from one to three years, and depends on the skin type, because the tattoo lasts less on oily skin.

The cost is €450 for the first session and €200 for the touch-up. And for me, it's worth it.

Source: Vanity Fair

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