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Microsoft Edge becomes the fastest browser for Windows 10

During Build 2021, Microsoft announced that Edge will be the fastest browser for Windows 10 following the release of an update scheduled for this week.

The developers are expected to add features such as Sleep Tabs and Launch Booster to the new version of Edge 91. Sleeping Tabs solves one of the main problems of many browsers: it improves browser performance by freeing system resources allocated to unused tabs. Inactive tabs are simply put to sleep. Microsoft claims that the Sleeping Tabs feature will help reduce the memory consumption of the Edge browser by 82%.

Microsoft Edge becomes the fastest browser for Windows 10

In terms of the Launch Booster feature, the core processes of the Edge browser will always run in the background on Windows, requiring no additional resources when launching the browser or opening tabs.

Since the launch of the Chromium-based Edge browser last year, Microsoft has made over 5,300 changes to the open source Chromium project. This means that other browsers based on this engine can also receive edits made in Edge.


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