Microsoft Edge is out for Linux. While in beta, but open


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Today, May 4th, Microsoft released its Edge browser in beta for Linux. This isn’t the first version of Microsoft Edge for Linux – a developer version has been available since last year. However, now its users have the opportunity to test the more stable version of the browser – Edge 91. In fact, the beta version was uploaded to the corresponding channel last week. It has a number of minor new features, such as an updated Current Page setting when printing PDFs, syncing favorites with Edge Application Guard, and new theme colors you can use to personalize Edge.

In terms of updates specifically for Linux, a lot of work has been done to make the browser more similar to the Windows version. For example, the Linux version has finally received support for Microsoft accounts. With the help of this important function, it became possible to synchronize your history, passwords, favorites, and so on between devices.

Unfortunately, Microsoft never announced when Edge for Linux will get the stable release. According to the release schedule, Edge 91 will be released to everyone on May 27th. However, this does not mean that the stable version will be available for Linux as well. After all, Edge for Linux has been in developer-only version for about seven months.

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