Microsoft is working on a closed version of Windows 11 SE for special occasions

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More than 20 years ago Microsoft used the SE prefix in Windows 98 Second Edition, and it looks like the company is ready to bring back that name for Windows 11. The leaked build mentions Windows 11 SE, which is codenamed CloudEditionL and is a proprietary version. an operating system designed for specific use cases.

The new version of the system may be Microsoft’s next attempt to continue development of the canceled Windows 10X, but it’s too early to speculate. Unlike the Windows 11 SE edition, which is in the build as a Cloud SKU, there is no product policy or specific upgrade path in the current version for that specific SKU. As a result, it is still difficult to determine the marketing name of the CloudEditionL SKU.

As for the standard edition of Windows 11 SE, it has the same interface as Windows 11 in the Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education editions. But it looks like this is a more limited and simplified version of the system for low power devices, or it is a system for corporate clients.

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