Microsoft Planner 1.15.17

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Microsoft Planner – appreciate a convenient, visual tool for organizing collaboration. The scheduler makes it easier for your team to develop plans, organize and distribute tasks, share files, discuss current affairs, and monitor the progress of tasks.

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Microsoft Planner features:

  • Visuality.

    Each plan has its own board on which tasks can be organized into groups. Tasks can be assigned categories based on their status and executors. To change the status or purpose of a task, just drag it to another column.
  • Control and transparency.

    The My Tasks view lists all of your tasks from all plans and their current status. When working together on a plan, team members will always know who is doing what.
  • Collaboration.

    Built specifically for Office 365, a planner lets you collaborate on tasks, attach photos to projects, and even discuss tasks without switching between apps. Thanks to the Planner, all discussions and the results of your team’s work are always linked to the plan and are not scattered across individual applications.
  • Support for various devices.

    The scheduler works on all devices. Thanks to this tool, all members of your group will always be up to date with the latest news. Continue the discussion and make changes while on the road or at your desk.
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