Microsoft refined Start in Windows 11 and introduced two new display options

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In the new build of Windows 11 for testers, Microsoft listened to user feedback and refined the Start menu: now you can right-click on it to go to settings and select two new options for displaying components in it: either more pinned applications or more recommendations. Previously, users complained that the “Start” is poorly customized to the needs of a particular person.

In addition, in a fresh assembly of the system, Microsoft has introduced another long-awaited innovation – the clock and date are now displayed on the taskbar and additional monitors, and not just the main one. True, the developers are testing this innovation selectively, so at first it will not be available to all insiders.

Among others:

  • the sidebar will now display 3 high-priority notifications (about calls, reminders or alarms) and one regular one – the innovation is being rolled out gradually;
  • the Settings app has been updated again (advanced sharing options moved from Control Panel to a dedicated page; Printers and Scanners section now displays additional device information, if available; some network and device settings buttons in Control Panel now redirected to the appropriate pages in the “Settings”);
  • now you can sort the list of installed applications in reverse alphabetical order;
  • Windows 11 will remember whether the user turns on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi during airplane mode, and automatically activate them if necessary the next time they switch to “flight mode”;
  • The sandbox now supports rebooting within its virtualized environment.

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