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Microsoft revealed the story of how a regular song broke laptops – even standing next to them

The Microsoft Developer Blog has an entry from Raymond Chen, who told an unusual story from his colleague from the days of working on support for Windows XP. Then one of the major computer manufacturers (its name was not disclosed) found that playing the video for the song Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson simply breaks some laptop models.

Even more bizarre was revealed during detailed tests: not only were devices from other manufacturers affected by the problem, this music video even disabled laptops that were simply standing next to the test models on which the song was played.

It turned out that the frequency in the song resonated with a hard drive spinning at 5400 rpm – this model was then used by many manufacturers in their laptops. The engineers were able to overcome the problem by adding a custom filter to the audio channel to detect and remove resonant frequencies from audio playback.

Source: Trash Box

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