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Microsoft to Establish 3 Data Centers in Greece Investing €1 billion

Monday, 5 October 2020 the agreement signed between Greece and Microsoft provides for the construction of three data centers in the metropolitan area of ​​Athens. The announcement comes as the Conservative government sets out to gradually simplify the country’s utility websites.

No precise date has yet been announced for the opening of these future data centers. But that did not prevent Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from showing rapture, reports our correspondent in Athens, Joël Bronner . Before being caught up by geopolitical tensions with the Turkish neighbor and the Covid19 health crisis, the head of the Greek government had made foreign investments a political priority, for a country which is barely recovering from ten years of a serious crisis economic.

On Twitter, the Prime Minister is thus delighted with “ an important day ” facing “ the biggest investment ” of the American IT giant, in nearly thirty years of presence in Greece. And to describe ” the digital transformation of the state and the economy ” as ” a daring leap into the future “, already seeing Greek citizens among ” the winners ” of what he calls the ” 4th Industrial Revolution ” .

In Europe, Microsoft already has data centers in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Ireland, while more are being built in Spain, Italy and Poland. The agreement between the American giant and Athens also provides for a vocational training program for some 100,000 Greeks

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