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Mid-air panic on United Airlines plane: It fell to 28,000 feet in 10 minutes

A United Airlines flight from Newark to Rome took a terrifying turn on Wednesday when the airplane fell over 28,000 feet in just 10 minutes and was forced to reverse course back to its airfield New Jersey. United Airlines Flight 510 never made it to Rome after the Boeing 777 experienced engine trouble cabin pressure of him, causing the plane to fall quickly and him pilot to turn the plane carrying 270 passengers and 14 crew members, a spokesman told The Post.

The plane took off from Newark Liberty International Airport at 8:37 p.m. and landed back at the airport at 12:27 AM. instead of its scheduled destination, Rome-Fiumicino International Airport, according to flight tracking service FlightAware.

The Federal Aviation Administration also said the plane experienced a “pressurization problem,” prompting it to reverse course. The plane returned to Newark “to address a possible loss of cabin pressure,” a United Airlines spokesman said.

The travelers bound for Italy eventually reached their original destination as they disembarked from the Boeing 777 and were transferred to another aircraft, United Airlines said.

Source: News Beast

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