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Middle East 'Cauldron Boiling' – Israel's Operation Against Lebanon, While Gaza Bombardment Continues

Israel's military has launched an “offensive operation” against southern Lebanon, while at the same time continuing preparations for a ground operation in Rafah as part of the war against Hamas, despite warnings from the international community. The Palestinian Islamist movement has released on its side a video showing one of the hostages it took in its unprecedented attack on October 7 in southern Israel, sparking the war in the Gaza Strip. On the so-called northern front, the Israeli army confirmed in the early hours of the morning that it carried out airstrikes yesterday against Hezbollah “infrastructure” in Maroun ar Ras and against an “observation position” of the Shiite armed movement in Merkava, in southern Lebanon. It also announced yesterday that it had launched an “offensive operation” in “the entire south” of Lebanon, referring to air and artillery strikes against 40 targets of Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, around Aita al-Saab. “A large number of troops have been deployed at the border (…) the […]
Source: News Beast

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