Midterm elections: the congress to the republicans, but without the red wave

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That red wave that the polls speculated and many Republican candidates expected did not occur in the elections of Midterm. Even where Republican candidates have won it was not those closest to Trump who triumphed. Given the first results and with polling stations still open, Donald Trump had begun to talk about rigged elections. Republicans will have a majority in Congress of which all members were elected, but not as large as expected. The Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi she said she was cautiously optimistic: “Even if many races are still too tight (too close to call), it is clear that Democratic members and candidates for the House are far exceeding expectations across the country. “

In the last meeting Donald Trump he had defined Nancy Pelosi as an animal. The husband of the Democratic Speaker, re-elected for the 19th time, but who will lose his position as Congressman due to the Republican majority, was attacked a few days ago in his house in San Francisco by a man who praised Hitler on social media. The aggression of the former president does not seem to have taken hold in these elections for the House and Senate, but also in the challenges for the governors of 36 states.

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The Senate is clearly in the balance, 48 seats against 48, and the race could only end with the ballot in Georgia on December 6. Doug Mastriano, champion of Trumpism, in Pennsylvania lost the race for governorship by a large margin. For the Senate the Democrat John Fetterman he beat TV star surgeon Mehmet Oz. In Arizona, Kari Lake lost her challenge to Democrat Katie Hobbs. Even in the Senate seat in Arizona, Blake Masters, who denies the results of the elections two years ago, is detached from Democrat Mark Kelly. Instead, there is JD Vance, the new Trumpian senator from Ohio, and several loyalists have been elected to Congress. She remains the Democratic Governor of the State of New York.

Even in many Republican victories there are defeats for the former president: Ron DeSantis confirmed governor of Florida and called “the Trump with the brain” may be the first opponent among the Republicans of the former president in case of re-nomination.

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In the Midterm elections, the ruling party tends to be defeated, but the hold that the Democrats seem to have had suggests an easier path for the re-nomination of Joe Biden in two years even if he will struggle to manage the Congress at this point opposite him.

They would have been Millennials and Generation Z, according to an exit poll published by Cnnto stop the Republicans. Voters between 18 and 29 who voted for Democrats were 28% more than in the recent past. The issue of the right to abortion would be weighed. For the Republicans, those over 65 would have voted, + 13%, and voters between 45 and 64, + 11%.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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