Miguel Bosé: “I’m a denier, and I say it with my head held high”


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“There is a design that you do not want to make known, this is the truth.” It is with these words that Miguel Bosé releases a shocking interview on La Sexta TV, the first after the death of his mother Lucia Bosé and the announcement that he is a Covid-19 denier, which led to him being banned from Twitter. for spreading fake news: “I’m a denier and this is a position that I hold high” Bosé tells the journalist Jordi Évole, adding that his mother was not killed by the virus, «but by something else.

If I spoke I would say very dangerous things for those who had to cure her ».

“I have lived through wild years, in which I discovered my dark side. Drugs, bestial sex, substances … “ Bosé resumes in this interview which will be aired in its full version on April 18. It all began one night in the late 1980s, after a disappointment in love: «I called some friends and told them: I need to party. I remember the first glass, and shortly after the first streak of coke. The effects lasted me a week ». Soon that became his daily life: «I thought it was a necessary part, linked to creativity. But overnight drugs stop being your ally and become your enemy. Until the day I had the strength to say enough is enough ». “I didn’t go out to clubs anymore, but I did the same every day. I have come to consume nearly two grams of cocaine a day, as well as smoking marijuana and taking pills. Just seven years ago I gave up on all this stuff forever. ‘

Without ever naming him, Bosé also talks about the breakup with his former partner Nacho Palau, which generated a long legal battle for the custody of their four children Diego, Tadeo, Ivo and Telmo. «When this relationship has started to go wrong, when love no longer exists and friendship and civil coexistence also disappear, when everything collapses … first you collect everything, but then you explode. So serious problems started for me. One of these was the voice: now at least I can speak, but I have just come to be unable to emit sounds, zero ». Today Miguel Bosé lives in Mexico, who admits he misses his father Luis Miguel Dominguín (“He wanted an heir tailor-made for him from me, the eldest son”), works as a coach in the program Mexico’s voice, ready to return to perform live by “the end of next year”.

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