Mika, goodbye to mother Joannie: “She was proud of what I have become”

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On the occasion of the broadcast on France 5 of the concert recorded between the inlaid vaults of the Versailles Opera, Mika says that Joannie, her mother, passed away shortly after the recording of the live, leaving the singer with the bitterness and emotion of having sung for her one last time. “My whole family was present at that concert, even my mother, who was there in a wheelchair. In a way, I was doing that concert for her. She left shortly after, certainly proud of what I have become, ”Mika said in an interview with Parisian.

“Never take the easy easy way, continue not to set limits in creativity and horizons: this is what he transmitted to me” added the singer explaining that his mother has always encouraged him in music since he was a child: ” He made me read poems in Italian, German, Latin. All this for four hours a day, “he said with renewed emotion. In an interview with Paris Match of 2019, Mika said that his mother had very aggressive brain cancer: almost a year later, through social networks, he made it known that his family, including Joannie, had contracted the coronavirus reassured fans about the state of health of his mother, who had stabilized “by miracle”.

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«Many people have said that we should forget 2020. For me, however, we must not forget. 2020 gave me incredible creative freedom. Normally I do one thing, then the other, following a clear path. Being so upset allowed me to look around and see that there were other ways of doing things, of taking other opportunities. It was fundamental because it opened the doors to the future for me »commented Mika, thanks to the success of the last season of X Factor on Sky Uno and the event I Love Beirut which he dedicated to his city and which allowed him to raise more than one million euros to support Lebanon after the accident that hit him on August 4, 2020.

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