Mila Kunis reveals that Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs ended up in the hospital twice

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Everyone was stunned to see how much Ashton Kutcher had worked on his physique for look like Steve Jobs when in 2013 he shot the biopic in which he played him. But now Mila Kunis, his second wife (I am married since 2015) after divorce from Demi Moore, revealed that Ashton, to step into the shoes of the founder of Apple who died of pancreatic cancer in 2011 as much as possible, ended up in hospital twice for pancreatitis. Jobs, in the last years of his life, to cope with cancer had revolutionized his diet and he ate only fruit. Ashton had made up his mind to imitate him. During the YouTube show Hot Ones, Mila said that her diet consisted mostly of fruit and carrot juice: “He was a fool. At one point he had come to eat only grapes. He was a real fool. We ended up in the hospital twice with pancreatitis! ‘

Kutcher himself had revealed in 2013 that two days after the start of filming he was finished in the hospital, “Hospitalized in an emergency, with the pancreas in pieces and the nutritional values ​​totally stoned”. The actor had told reporters about his bad adventure Usa Today during the US Sundance festival. Taking advantage of the interview to issue a warning to all food extremists: «The fruitarian diet can lead to very serious problems. I ended up in the hospital two days before shooting started. I was doubled over in pain. My pancreas levels were completely abnormal, it was terrifying, the most terrifying thing in my life».

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Kutcher is no stranger to reckless endeavors. Last July, the actor revealed that he had grabbed the ticket (worth $ 200,000) that would allow him to take part in the next flight with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. Ashton had bought the ticket in 2012, when Mila was not yet his wife and the birth of their children, Wyatt Isabelle e Dimitri, 6 and 4 years old, was still a long way off. “When we got married and had children my wife pointed out to me that going into space was not a smart choice for the family. So I returned the ticket. I was supposed to be on the next flight, but I won’t be there. But sooner or later I will go into space».


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