Milan, batons to a woman immobilized by 4 agents. What happened?

Milan, batons to a woman immobilized by 4 agents. What happened?

The images, raw and shocking, made the rounds of the web in a few hours. There are four municipal police officers surrounding and trying to immobilize a person. They do it in a way that, from the pictures, looks brutal. They use batons and pepper spray. The woman does not appear to have a violent attitude, but she is hit in the back and head.


The pictures have been shot from a window: it’s an amateur video probably made with a phone. It would have been resumed on the morning of Wednesday 24 May, around 8.15 am in the area of ​​the Bocconi University in Milan.

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Who is the affected person

The affected woman is one transgender Brazilian aged 41. She is first knocked to the ground and then shot while she is on the sidewalk. She receives batons to her head and body, already stunned by the pepper spray. Her last shot is in her head, before another officer manages to handcuff her.

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Previous facts

It is not clear what happened before the events captured by the video. Corriere della Sera reports sources from the Sulpl union who say that the presence of the woman had been reported around 8 in a very different area of ​​Milan, Trotter Park. The parents of the pupils of a school would have reported the presence of the trans “in an evident state of psychophysical alteration”. The woman always annoyed people according to the same source. She would have been loaded in the car by the agents and she would not have calmed down even on her wheel. She allegedly feigned illness to stop the car and then hit two officers to try to escape. The next facts would be those of the video.


A file on the facts will be opened. Information arrives from the local police in Milan that “all checks are underway to understand what happened, what are the responsibilities and therefore the measures to be taken against the agents involved”.


«It is certainly not a beautiful image, indeed it is a serious fact. However, in order to formally intervene, the Local Police must make a report, pending this report, the policemen in question have been placed in internal services”, said the mayor of Milan, Beppe Salaon the sidelines of the City Council meeting. «After all this, it seems to me a really serious fact. I don’t want to say inaccurate things and I’m waiting to read the report, otherwise I would risk giving a generic comment and I can’t do it”.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

He intervenes on Twitter Wladimir Luxuria speaking of transphobia: «The beating of a helpless trans person in #Milan is so angry that I can’t watch that video without shivering. Those little men don’t deserve the uniform they wear.’

Ilaria Cucchi is already ready to bring the case to Parliament. «I intend to go to the end on this matter, until all the dynamics are clarified. Let the perpetrators of so much violence not think they can get away with it», said the senator of the Alleanza Verdi Sinistra, sister of Stefano Cucchi, killed in Rome on 22 October 2009 while he was in pre-trial detention. “The images you see are very serious and should not leave you indifferent, because using batons, especially in that way, is forbidden and the fact that they are wearing a uniform does not constitute a mitigating factor, if anything an aggravating factor”.

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