Milan Fashion Week at the start! And (almost) all live

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First, highly anticipated day of the Milano Fashion Week coming back – Finallyee!, they all go back like this, with the e that never seems to end, fellow buyers, journalists, VIPs used to of the Milanese fashion week, after months of forced distance – in the dimension that suits her best: the live, live, real, physical one, after the feast (read indigestion) of digital fashion shows, all different but all basically so equal ( all a bit boring let’s face it) with which the fashion system has tried to make up for the impossibility, needless to add Coronavirus cause, to produce real events in and with which to show the new collections to the press and buyers.

And instead the creations designed by the great Made in Italy stylists for Spring-Summer 2022 arrive (mostly) on real catwalks, in real locations, worn by real models (well, some so beautiful they look like works of fiction), in front of a real audience, with real applause (in short, more or less, because the applause is no longer made, to privilege shooting with the smartphone to be instagrammed immediately).

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It is an exception Antonio Marras, who chooses to tell with a poetic and tragic video together both his new collection and his Sardinia, chosen as the stage for the virtual show, whose heart has been wounded in recent months by the fires that we have unfortunately learned to live almost live in the news.

Making their debut in the real format (after the official digital debuts of last season) are two leading names in the contemporary creative landscape, at the reins of brands with a prestigious history. Kim Jones per Fendi on the one hand, and Fausto Puglisi per Roberto Cavalli on the other. If the first goes to look for Seventies elements in the archives of the long history of the maison (including a beautiful face and lip print, designed by Karl Lagerfeld) to be updated in a collection that alternates total white with colorful patterns, the second … as well ! Even the Sicilian designer, in fact, studies the most sensationally famous historical pieces (but yes, and let’s say it at least once, this adjective: iconic!) Of the Florentine creative, to propose them again filtered by his sensitivity (which however shows great harmony with that of the King of the animalier). Tigers and brindle, zebras and zebra stripes, a little gold and a few feathers: the game of femininity still roars.

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To get noticed thanks to their all convincing evidence and all to be supported (why are we Italians not chauvinists at least half of the Americans, or at least a quarter of the French? Of the Core, Marco Rambaldi and Alfredo Cortese with his brand AC9. Their names are linked to their collections: nothing easier than clicking them to understand how good they are, each in their own way.

In the name of certainties the fashion show of Alberta Ferretti – fringes, weaves, three-dimensional sinuosities, a safari touch, sudden flashes of color -, N° 21 – who still manages to be a bit sexier than usual, while also sending rugby jerseys and boxy jackets on the catwalk … but when he pulls his side out: magic! – and of Jil Sanderis our true heartbreaking of this first day of fashion Week.
But we are only at the beginning, and we are more than willing to fall in love all the time. At least in the next 3 or 4 days. Then, in life, we remain very faithful.

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