Milan, the first statue dedicated to a woman will portray Margherita Hack

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The first statue dedicated to a woman on public land in the city of Milan will depict the “lady of the stars”, the astrophysicist Margherita Hack. It will be inaugurated in the spring of 2022, on the occasion of the one hundred years since his birth, July 15, 1922. It is an initiative supported by the Municipality of Milan, conceived and promoted by the Deloitte Foundation, in co-planning with the Casa degli Artisti.

Hack, an academic and brilliant science writer, was chosen precisely because a pioneer in her own field, a symbol of redemption able to inspire entire generations and at the same time bearer of universal values ​​and a free thinker even outside the field of Stem subjects.

The construction project has already started. Casa degli Artisti is inviting a selected group of Italian and international artists to participate in the competition of ideas: the winning project will be selected by a jury of experts in the course of next autumn. The sculpture will be donated to the Municipality of Milan and the Deloitte Foundation will take care of its maintenance in the coming years.

«The first sculpture on public land in Milan, in the name of a female figure of extraordinary importance, represents a goal, but at the same time also a starting point», says Paolo Gibello, president of the Deloitte Foundation. «With the hope that it is the first of a long series of works destined to finally fill a gap towards women, Stem in particular, rarely or almost never represented in monuments of this kind. Not only in Milan, but also in Italy as well as throughout the world ».

Already in July 2020, the first Observatory of the Deloitte Foundation had highlighted the fact that only a quarter of Stem faculty members are women. “The testimony and redemption of life of Margherita Hack must be a model for all Stem women of the future because we must push more and more to attract and train female talents and make them a pillar of our growth”.

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