Milan, the mural that purifies the air and eats up pollution

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Pollution can also be fought with a mural. In the center of Milan three writers have created, in eleven days of work, a work of 80 square meters which, thanks to the innovative paint with which it is painted, helps to reduce pollution as much as they would. 43 square meters of forest.

The mural is made with Airlite, a paint created in 2007 by an Italian team and perfected over the years to become increasingly effective in reducing pollution: paint, a powder paint to which, by adding water that contains titanium dioxide, able to activate in contact with light (both natural and artificial ), he’s able to purify the air up to 88.8% from some pollutants – such as nitrogen and sulfur oxides, benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide – transforming them into salt molecules.

Furthermore, as the results of the analyzes carried out by the La Sapienza University of Rome show, during the first month of its application, the paint reduces carbon dioxide through the chemical reaction of carbonation, absorbing 237.8 grams of carbon dioxide per kilogram of product. used. Since the mural measures 80 square meters, the amount of paint used will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide for 1859.16 grams.

Located in Corso Garibaldi 71, in the Brera area, an area full of shops, showrooms, offices, famous clubs and restaurants, the mural was commissioned by Levissima on the occasion of the launch of the new Levissima Natura line.

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