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Milei’s campaign questions the electoral process; Massa says his opponent copies Bolsonaro and Trump’s tactics

The campaign of Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei, from the La Libertad Avanza coalition, once again raised doubts about the fairness of the Argentine electoral process on Thursday (16), the last day of campaigning in the country.

The opposition team announced anti-fraud measures and criticized two aspects of the Argentine elections. Without presenting evidence, the ultraliberals accused a Spanish company, which helps count votes, of being a “friend” of Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain.

Sanchez is a socialist and declared support for the candidacy of Sergio Massa, Argentine Economy Minister and representative of the government coalition Unión por la Patria.

Milei’s campaign also questioned the work of the police officers who accompany the ballot boxes to the vote counting centers. Despite the almost accusatory tone adopted, no evidence was presented either.

The statements were rejected by Massa, who stated that Milei copies the tactics of right-wing candidates who recently lost elections, such as former US president Donald Trump and former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

As of 8am this Friday (17th), electoral campaigning is banned in Argentina. It is expected that social networks will continue to be full of videos, photos and texts about the two candidates.

The last few days have been marked by the dissemination of negative and even false information on the internet, especially on messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

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With information from Fernando Nakagawa

Source: CNN Brasil

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