Miley Cyrus breaks record for streams with “Flowers”; music is full of hints, see which ones

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Miley Cyrus won another important career record this Friday (20). With just one week of release, the smash hit “Flowers” ​​became the most streamed song in Spotify history in record time: 100 million streams in just 7 days.

The track is the flagship of the singer’s next album, “Endless Summer Vacation”, which hits digital platforms on March 10th.

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In just 24 hours, the single already accounted for 17 million streams on Spotify, behind only “Easy on Me”, by Adele, and “Anti-Hero”, by Taylor Swift.

Previously, the record for the fastest song to reach 100 million plays was held by the K-pop group BTS with “Butter”.

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Both the song and the video clip, recorded in Los Angeles, draw attention because they are indirect to the American’s ex-husband, the actor Liam Hemsworth .

On social media, fans noticed that “Flowers” ​​makes several references to their relationship, marked by ups and downs and going back and forth over the years, such as the choice of release date, which was the same day as her ex-husband. turned 33 years old.


Before being a song about what he lived with Liam Hemsworth, “Flowers” ​​also talks about self-care, self-love and emotional independence.

In the lyrics, Miley Cyrus sings that she doesn’t need a person to receive flowers, go out dancing, among other things – on the contrary, she can do it all alone. However, it is notable that the single was written about the troubled relationship.

In the first verses, the artist mentions the house that she lived with the actor and that was hit by the strong fires that took place in California, USA, in 2018:

We were good, we were gold
We were good, we were gold

Kinda dream that can’t be sold
Like a dream that cannot be sold

We were right ’til we weren’t
We were great until we weren’t

Built a home and watched it burn
We built a house and watched it burn

The chorus is also said to be a response to Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”, which Liam Hemwsorth would have dedicated to his then-wife on their wedding day.


The music video also makes many references, according to netizens, to her ex-husband. Many fans commented that the house where the production was recorded is the same one that Liam Hemsworth would have taken the various lovers when they were together.

The suit used by the singer would also be a reference to the clothing used by the actor during the premiere of “Avengers: Endgame”, a film that the then brother-in-law of the singer, Chris Hemworth, plays Thor.

In the videos recorded at the time, fans noticed the discomfort between the two on the red carpet.

In addition, the most recent “indirect” discovered in social networks involves Jennifer Lawrence with whom Liam Hemsworth starred in the “Hunger Games” franchise.

Between rumors and speculation, it is believed that Miley Cyrus and the actress would never have gotten along, especially when the singer was dating the actor.

After the breakup, Liam Hemsworth reportedly revealed that Katness’ interpreter helped him “get over the divorce”.

In the clip, Miley Cyrus wears a dress and hairstyle similar to that used by Jennifer Lawrence on one of the red carpets of “The Hunger Games”.

Watch the video for “Flowers” ​​below.

Source: CNN Brasil

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