Military exercise with the presence of the French Navy on Friday in Cyprus

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The frigate “Auvergne” is currently in the port of Larnaca, on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, which will participate on Friday in a military exercise with the Republic of Cyprus and Italy, sending another message to the neighboring Turkey that Paris is on the side of the Greek and consequently the Greek Cypriot side. In fact, this was clear from the message sent by the ship’s captain, Mervege de Vigno.

As he characteristically stated, “France considers it absolutely necessary to continuously improve its autonomous knowledge of the situation in the eastern Mediterranean region. The simultaneous development of an ATL2 naval patrol aircraft in Paphos underscores how important France considers this part of the Mediterranean. “Our mission here could be summed up in three words, namely: we are trying, we are cooperating and we are stabilizing.”

In fact, these statements and the presence of the French Navy, are made shortly before resumption of drilling in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone.

It is worth noting that the frigate “Auvergne” is visiting Cyprus for the… 11th time in the last three years. It is clear that France is trying to maintain a permanent presence of its naval vessels in the eastern Mediterranean. In fact, the “Auvergne” will be in the waters of the region until January.

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