Millie Bobby Brown wants to play Britney Spears in the cinema

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Millie Bobby Brown now has Hollywood at her feet, as often happens to teen stars. At eighteen and a half – at her age even six months make a difference – the British-born actress can afford the luxury of deciding on roles and even producing them.

After the global success as Eleven in the cult series Stranger Thingsthese days is the star (also on Netflix) of the film Enola Holmes 2, taken from the novels of the same name published in Italy by DeAgostini. But he is absolutely not satisfied with embodying fictional characters, quite the contrary. Now he wants to change music, as he confessed to Drew Barrymore during an interview on his talk show about him.

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It seems in fact that the next goal of the young interpreter is to give life to a person who really existed, in order to demonstrate versatility as an interpreter. And also a little to play and have fun, as the English verb to recite (play) suggests. Who would be the first chosen?

Another teen icon, Britney Spears, of course, who continues to be talked about these days more for sexualized content on social media than for her career. Theme, in fact, very close to the sensitivity of Millie Bobby Brown, which many times she confessed that she felt objectified as a public figureeven at an early age, also thanks to the type of adult image that she immediately wanted to communicate in public releases.

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His story has something familiar – she said – I grew up watching her videos and interviews when she was a young girl. I don’t know her but when I see those photos I feel as if I could really tell stories in the right way, as she would like ».

This is obviously a remote hypothesis because there is currently no project on the pop star’s biopic. However, given the ever-growing power of Millie Bobby Brown, it is not to be excluded that she is not the one who becomes the proponent of a work capable of restoring Britney’s status. After the conservatorship of the father, in fact, the fans said they were increasingly worried about the health – even mental – of the singer, who directed her energies to inveigh against the family, losing contact with her two children, who did not even participate. at his latest wedding.

In a way it is disconnect between public and private image it’s something both of these women know pretty well, so maybe the Eleven performer could really do it justice.

For the moment, however, Millie is enjoying the well-deserved success in a period in which even the love life is booming: she is a steady couple, meanwhile, with Jake Bon Jovi, son of the musical legend Jon Bon Jovi.

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