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Millions of Texans without power, heatwaves after Tropical Storm Beryl

Millions of residents in Texas are left in the dark and facing high temperatures after Tropical Storm Beryl left 2.3 million homes without power. “Without power for much of southeast Texas following Hurricane Beryl, the lack of air conditioning could cause hazardous conditions,” the weather service said in its bulletin for the region, with the mercury expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius. . Tropical Storm Beryl hit Texas yesterday, killing at least 5 people, flooding highways, destroying homes and damaging the power grid. Houston resident Raymond Miller, 46, has been without power since 6 a.m. Monday local time, causing the food in his refrigerator to spoil. “It was very hot, I couldn’t sleep and the humidity makes it very difficult (even) to breathe in my apartment. Opening the windows last night didn’t help, maybe […]
Source: News Beast

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