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Minas Gerais Police arrest 116 suspected members of the PCC

This Thursday (18), 116 suspected members of the criminal organization Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) were arrested during an operation launched by the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (Gaeco) of Uberlândia, in Minas Gerais, in several cities in the state of Minas Gerais.

In addition to the arrests, the operation also carried out 11 search and seizure warrants against the suspects. According to the Public Ministry of the State of Minas Gerais (MPMG), the warrants occurred in the cities of Uberlândia, Tupaciguara and Ituiutaba, in the Triângulo Mineiro and in prisons in Minas Gerais and also in the State of São Paulo.

The 116 denounced and preventively arrested are responsible for the crimes of criminal organization, trafficking association, illicit drug trafficking and the entry of cell phones into the prison system.

According to Gaeco, investigations began in 2020 after the police discovered that part of the PCC criminal faction had received shipments of drugs and cell phones illegally inside the Professor Jacy de Assis Prison, in Uberlândia.

In addition to the clandestine strengthening of materials, two murder attempts against criminal police officers that occurred in 2020 are attributed to the faction. Recently, authorities also discovered that the group was hatching a plan to execute another criminal police officer.

According to investigations, the drugs that circulated inside the prison were used as currency, a type of local exchange. All debt created by the command was converted first into drugs and, later, into real currency.

After carrying out a search and seizure at the Minas Gerais prison, four cell phones, several quantities of narcotics, as well as several notes containing a record of factionalized prisoners and a survey of the sectors that the criminal faction controls within the prison, such as drug sales, court rental football and even betting, were seized by the police inside the prison unit.

According to the MPMG, the members of the faction are divided into groups. The established division is used as a way to consolidate their power within the prison system, creating a parallel economy that benefits their interests.

Among the divisions of the centers are: sport, tobacco shop, Jogo do Bicho box, discipline, stationery, supporters, communicator, “salveiro”, cage sector, “kaô”, warehouse, among others.

In total, the operation had the participation of four prosecutors; two delegates from the Civil Police and 20 police officers, 30 military police officers and 21 Gaeco agents, in addition to support from the Criminal Police. The operation also included a helicopter and 27 vehicles.

*Under the supervision of Bruno Laforé

Source: CNN Brasil

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