Miners forced to introduce separate payment for electricity in the Irkutsk region and Khakassia

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Starting from January 2023, the Irkutsk Region and Khakassia will introduce a separate payment for electricity for individuals according to the principle “the more you consume, the more expensive each kilowatt-hour” due to illegal miners of cryptocurrencies. About it write Vedomosti, citing government sources.

It is reported that the reason for the introduction of a separate payment system was the “gray” cryptocurrency miners that flooded the regions. One of the officials of the administration of Khakassia said in a media comment:

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“Miners can be seen by the nature of consumption. We plan to carry out an analysis and appropriate calculations so that changes in the tariff do not affect ordinary consumers.”

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However, a source close to the government of the Irkutsk region said that the new scheme still has to be approved by the regional parliament. When exactly this might happen is unclear.

The interest of cryptocurrency miners in the Irkutsk region has been noticed for a long time. Back in early 2022, Evgeny Vechkanov, Director for Development and Technological Connections of the Irkutsk Electric Grid Company, said that due to cryptocurrency miners in 2021, the Irkutsk region consumed four times more electricity than in 2020.

At the same time, as Oleg Prichko, CEO of the Baikal Energy Company, said, only in the first half of January 2022, seven Boeing-737 aircraft, fully loaded with mining equipment, arrived in Irkutsk at once.

In March, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Grabchak told the media in an interview that mining itself “increases the supply of useful energy” and allows you to invest additional funds in the development of networks. Also, the Ministry of Energy opposed the disconnection of electricity to individuals for mining. This, according to Grabchak, is because “it is very difficult to determine” that a particular person is engaged in mining.

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