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Mini Desktop Launcher 3.0.23

Mini Desktop – the lightest (250 KB) and fastest launch on Google Play. Despite the app’s extremely small size, Mini Desktop has powerful features. With Mini Desktop, you can create icon packs, quickly search for apps, and lock your personal apps with a password. In addition, Mini Desktop allows you to place your favorite applications on the dock for easy access.

  • EXTREMELY EASY AND FAST. Mini Desktop is by far the world’s lightest and fastest launcher. The second smallest launcher in Google play is 4 times bigger than Mini Desktop and consumes at least 2 times more memory. Launcher is an app that lives in memory most of the time, using Mini Desktop, most of our users have found their battery life increased by at least 50% longer.
  • FIND APPS QUICKLY. Mini Desktop is designed to save you time looking for applications in different places. Your apps are sorted by frequency of use so you can quickly find the app you need.
  • ORGANIZE YOUR APPS. Create groups to better organize applications. Drag apps to the dock to reorder them. To add apps to a group or remove apps from a group, just tap the app and select Edit Group.
  • APP LOCK. Protect your privacy, turn on app lock to lock your private apps. Locked apps are password protected. Only you can open these applications. You can also hide your blocked apps, this will further protect your privacy.

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