Mining farm discovered in the basement of Tehran stock exchange

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The CEO of the Tehran Stock Exchange, Ali Sahrai, resigned after law enforcement found working cryptocurrency mining equipment in the basement of a building.

Back in May, the Iranian government completely banned mining due to overloading of energy networks and lack of capacity. In early September, it was reported that the country’s authorities had closed more than 5,000 illegal mining farms. Now this list includes farms not only in abandoned buildings, but also in the basement of the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) building. The building itself is located in the affluent Saadat Abad district in the north of the country’s capital.

The exact date of the discovery of the “truly clandestine” farm in the basements of the building is unknown, as is the number of devices. It is only known that there were “many” of them. The management of the stock exchange tried to justify that the equipment was installed as part of a “research project.” However, later, the deputy head of TSE admitted that the company should take responsibility for illegal mining.

Recall that the ban on mining in Iran was lifted on September 22. Local energy companies estimate that illegal miners consume between 2,000 and 3,000 MW.

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