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Minister determines that judges investigate the situation of children and adolescents in protests

The national justice inspector, Minister Luís Felipe Salomão, determined that Childhood and Youth judges identify protest points with facilities that have children and adolescents and verify the conditions of health, hygiene, food and other elements that may endanger their rights, including school attendance.

In the decision, the minister also determined that magistrates may adopt all appropriate measures – necessary and sufficient – to prevent damage or correct risk situations or violations of rights that may be found, including guidance from parents and guardians, banning access places for children and teenagers.

“Apparently, the small minorities that are insubmissive to democratic precepts have not completely retreated and turned to military zones – especially around Brazilian Army barracks –, setting up camps – with funding that is being unveiled little by little – and that work around the clock, bringing together the most varied types of people”, said the minister.

For Salomão, the presence of children and adolescents in these movements calls attention.

“You can see from some videos, for example, camping tents floating in mud, after a flood caused by heavy rains on the last day 11/15; food being prepared in an open environment in a place accessible to all sorts of people, together with the pollution coming from nearby vehicles and rainwater invading the places where people eat. Thus, in addition to the scenario of possible crimes, the conditions in which these people find themselves may not be suitable for younger children”, he said.

Since October 30, supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) have paralyzed roads across Brazil, but the number of roadblocks has dropped. Protesters also gathered in front of Armed Forces barracks.

Source: CNN Brasil

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