Minister of Labor suggests banning motorcycle taxis in large cities

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A week after the city halls of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro locked arms with Uber and 99 over the motorcycle taxi service, the Minister of Labor, Luiz Marinho (PT), said that the mayors were right and that the National Congress should find a solution to prevent passengers on motorcycles as a professional service.

“I hope that parliament will look very carefully at this process. Evidently, super quiet cities and such, you have to look under the reality there and eventually it can be released in small cities, in my perception. However, big cities, troubled traffic, I think it would be very dangerous”, said Marinho to CNN .

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He said he is ‘fully’ in favor of a veto coming from the National Congress. The speech is in line with that of mayors Ricardo Nunes (MDB) and Eduardo Paes (PSD), who decided to curb the idea of ​​​​application companies to launch mototaxi in cities. After threats and dialogues, Nunes managed to convince Uber and 99 to back down. Paes called the Attorney General of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, who instructed the companies not to offer the services.

Luiz Marinho celebrated the decision of the mayors: “It would be irresponsible to authorize the transport of people on motorcycles, that is, the professionals who already work in such dangerous transits, as is the case in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, to deliver goods , is the highest accident rate that occurs in large cities, therefore, putting a passenger on the back of a motorcycle would be a great irresponsibility, in my opinion. Therefore, I believe that the mayors are very correct”, he said.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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