Ministry of Agriculture creates standard for classifying roasted coffee

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply created an official standard for classifying roasted coffee. The standard, which creates a legal tool for the official control of grain quality, was published on Wednesday (11) in the Official Diary of the Union.

The standard includes requirements for identity and quality, sampling, mode of presentation, and marking or labeling. Despite Brazil being the world’s largest producer of coffee, there was still no legal tool in the country for quality control.

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The classification meets an old demand from the local coffee sector. In an interview with CNN the president of the National Coffee Council, Silas Brasileiro, explained how the measure can improve the market.

“Our consumers, the housewife, can rest assured that this coffee that will be consumed in the country will undergo inspection, which has very strict rules on what is being offered on the market. For the industry, it is a peace of mind, because they are standards that can be enforceable, can be complied with and, at the same time, can be observed and followed up,” she said.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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