Ministry of Health says it will accelerate recruitment of doctors to work in indigenous territories

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The Ministry of Health informed, this Sunday (22), that it is considering accelerating a public notice for the Mais Médicos Program for professional recruits, trained in Brazil and abroad, to work in the Indigenous Health Districts (Dsei) on a permanent basis, including in Yanomami territory.

“We had a notice just for Brazilians. Only then would we issue an invitation to bid for Brazilians trained abroad and, later, for foreigners. Faced with the need to bring assistance to the population of indigenous districts, especially the Yanomami, we want to make a public notice in which everyone can register at once”, said the secretary of Primary Health Care, Nésio Fernandes.

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According to the secretary, with the single announcement, when vacancies for Brazilians are exhausted, those remaining automatically for Brazilians trained abroad. If the vacancy persists, vacancies will go to foreigners who want to participate, so that there is a more agile process.

On Saturday (21), the ministry declared a Public Health Emergency of National Importance due to “the need to combat the lack of health care for the peoples living in the Yanomami territory”, in Roraima.

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In a note, the Ministry of Health pointed out that, since last Monday (16), “paste teams have come across elderly people in a serious state of health, with severe malnutrition, in addition to many cases of malaria, Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI). ) and other aggravations”.

On social media, the Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, said that three deaths of Yanomami children were recorded between December 24 and 27, 2022, in addition to 11,530 cases of malaria.

On a visit to Roraima, Lula promises medical assistance to the Yanomami people

The President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), traveled on Saturday (21) to Roraima, where he visited Yanomami indigenous people. After the visit, the president promised to give dignity to the Yanomami people. Lula also stated that he should take doctors to the village to assist the indigenous people in the communities.

“I told the minister that health should go there in the village and not wait for them to come here in the city. One of the ways to resolve this is for us to set up a health service in the villages”, said the president.

The Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, classified the situation of the indigenous people as a health emergency and confirmed that she should send doctors to the village on Monday.

“The strength of the SUS will begin to come on Monday with more professionals, doctors and nurses for this emergency care”, added the minister.

During the speech, Lula also criticized the management of former President Bolsonaro “if instead of making so many motociata, he was ashamed and came here, who knows these people would not have abandoned them as they are”, concluded Lula.

Lula also said that the first action to be taken is to improve transportation in that region, which he considered precarious.

Another point the president mentioned was the fight against illegal mining. “I cannot say what measures will be taken, what I can say is that there will be no more illegal mining,” said Lula.

Lula also said that he intends to return to the community in March and said that he made a commitment with the Yanomami. “I leave here with a commitment to our brothers, that we are going to give them the dignity they deserve.” concluded Lula.

Source: CNN Brasil

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