Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure: The amending decisions for the sub-projects of the ‘Economic Transformation of the Rural Sector’ were signed

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The public expenditure of the sub-projects of the Action Economic Transformation of the Rural Sector, which will be implemented in the framework of funding from the Recovery and Sustainability Fund of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, amounts to 510 million euros.

The amending decisions were signed by the competent minister, George Georgantas, and have already been posted on Diavgeia as well as on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development.

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Specifically, for the sub-measure “Innovation and green transition to the processing of agricultural products” the deadline for submission of applications has been set from June 15 to September 30, and has a budget of 181,521,000 euros. Regarding the sub-measure “Modernization of the primary sector” the applications will be accepted between July 18 and September 30, with the public expenditure amounting to 98,111,000 euros.

For the “Green agro-tourism” the interested parties, according to the amending decision, will be able to submit the files from the 5th of July until the 30th of September. The public expenditure for the sub-meter amounts to 49,006,000 euros.

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For the measure “Restructuring of crops” the deadline for submission of applications has been set from 31 August to 30 September, having a budget of 166,720,000 euros.

Finally, according to the amending decision signed by Mr. Georgantas, for “Genetic improvement of animals” interested parties can submit their applications from July 27 to September 30. The public expenditure for the sub-measure amounts to 15 million euros.


Source: Capital

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