Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure: The National Cotton Strategy has been published

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The “National Strategy for the cultivation, processing and marketing of cotton” for the period 2019-2029, was published by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

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The purpose of the National Strategy is to define the goals and describe the measures for the long-term and sustainable development of the cotton sector of our country.

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The monitoring body is the Cotton Working Group of the Ministry of Regional Development, where all interested parties will come to discuss all the problems faced by the sector. It will hold at least four meetings per year. In at least the first two of each year, one of the constant issues will be the report of actions and their result – in cotton cultivation. In the next two (at least) meetings of each year, one of the constant topics will be the planning of actions according to the national strategy for the next year.

Strategy Review and any redefinition of its objectives will be done every five (5) years, unless sudden and special requirements and circumstances require its mid-term review earlier than two years), and always through the Cotton Working Group.

According to the announcement, the goals are:

1) The improvement of the economic data of cotton cultivation,

2) Improving the competitiveness of the cotton processing industry

3) The improvement of the quality and the creation of “identity” of the Greek cotton,

4) The promotion of the environmental characteristics of the way cotton is produced

5) Maintaining and securing CAP support for cotton

Means / measures (per target):

The means / measures to achieve the goals of the long-term national strategy 2019-2029 in the cotton sector are described below (the citation is referential and not evaluative).

See the National Cotton Strategy in detail in the right-hand column “Related Files”

Source From: Capital

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