Miranda Kerr reveals: “Evan Spiegel and Orlando Bloom get along like Katy Perry and me”

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And they all lived happily ever after, absolutely everyone. Maintaining good relationships with your exes – and building good relationships with their new mates – is never easy. But sometimes it works. For instance Miranda Kerr swears his extended family is functioning perfectly today: she gets along very well with Katy Perry, current partner of her ex-husband Orlando Bloom (from which he had his son Flynn), and a beautiful friendship has also been created between Bloom e Evan Spiegel, married to Kerr since 2017 (the actress had two other children from the Snapchat CEO).

«Evan and Orlando get along really well like Katy and me, it’s such a blessing, ”Kerr explained during her podcast appearance Moments with Candace Parke, talking about his friendship with Perry and joking that sometimes he prefers to go out with the singer rather than with Bloom.

On the other hand, it is not the first time that Katy and Miranda have exchanged public displays of affection. When the singer and Bloom became parents of the little Daisy, Kerr was among the first to congratulate the new parents: “I am so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to meet her“. Previously the model had stated: “I love Katy. I am really happy that Orlando has her, just as I am grateful to have found my husband a year after Orlando and I separated. Katy it makes him happy. AND for our son Flynn, having a happy father and a happy mother is the most important thing».

Maybe at the beginning some understandable distrust, between Katy and Miranda, there may have been. If that were the case, not only did they overcome it but they became true friends. And today with their respective companions they have created a beautiful extended family that also includes four children.

The Kerr-Spiegel-Perry-Bloom case is not isolated. Other stars have also managed to create an extended and happy family. The famous one formed by Gwyneth Paltrow with the second husband Brad Falchuk together with Chris Martin with his new girlfriend Dakota Johnson. The four are so close that it is not uncommon for them to spend their holidays together, of course with Apple e Moses, the two sons of Gwyneth and Chris.

However, not everyone sees it in the same way. Just recently, to say, Alena Seredova he has declared: “The extended family is against my nature“. Today the showgirl is happy with Alessandro Nasi, father of the little girl Vivienne Charlotte, and relations with the ex Gigi Buffon with whom he had two children are now serene. But the “scars” (as she calls them) of the painful break at the doorman remain. So for her “it is not natural to see everyone blissful. Or maybe it’s natural if no one has been injured in that extended family group. But if someone is left there when the heart is still beating … Yes, some call it an extended family, I call it: two wonderful separate families ».

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