Miriam Haite, 89, is the No. 1 tennis fan

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He arrives first and leaves last, so as not to spoil the. Charm. There you can find it: sitting on the benches of its main stadium Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis, waiting, very serene, to start the day of the sport that has always had a place in her heart. At 89, the Myriam Kuzminsky from Jaite is one of his spectators Argentina Women’s Open (November 1 to 7), a tournament that returned to the country after 34 years and, to be precise, organized by her son. But it does not go only for him, he says, but for the love of the art of sports. “This is like my second home, I brought my son here when he was still in Port Bebe,” he told the Argentine newspaper. “Be”.

From morning to night

The matches of the competition WTA, made in its capital Argentina, start at 10 but she arrives much earlier. “I always liked to be early and wait and not be expected,” he explains. Sometimes he even has breakfast on the premises and provides energy for the rest of the day. This is because he does not watch only one match, but all the matches until the night. She just pauses to dine and rest for a while, she says, and the weather doesn’t bother her either: with rain (carrying an umbrella) or bright sun (wearing a hat), she quickly became the most loyal fan.

“I always played tennis. I like the sports environment in general “, she described and she could really watch it calmly from her home TV, comfortably, and without bothering. However, her presence at his stadium is also a pleasure Buenos Aires makes the scene of the tennis tournament even more beautiful.

From water to earth (books in hand)

Her father was a rowing champion and she swam. Then, she changed the water with the land and chose the racket, but not professionally, because… she took out her bread as a psychologist.

“My father Martin he was a doctor, so in my house they studied and played sports “, he explained and continued:” I have a son a lawyer, another former tennis player… career can be chosen, all you have to have is patience and respect for what you study, everything whatever it is, because otherwise you will not get anywhere. “

The girls’ flag bearer

The verb accompany accompanies her perfectly. Not only because she knew how to be present with her children off the field, but because she keeps the μέχρι ritual to this day for the following purpose: . “You see a few people on the court because no one is used to coming to see professional women’s tennis, which I think would be a great idea,” he said.

Due to the political situation in Argentina moved in the 70s to Spain with her family, but when she returned she did not forget tennis and wants to never stop there is the sport in her country.

“I hope everything goes well, especially for the future of tennis athletes in Argentina, so as not to be forced to leave. “Here, too, you can do good training and there are good professionals,” she said Miriam Come on in «Be» and continued to watch the match.

In this year’s event, the Greek tennis player Despina Papamichael.

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