Miriam Leone is getting married, that’s who the future husband Paolo Carullo is

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Saturday 18th September Miriam Leone will marry her partner Paolo Carullo. The ceremony will be held at Sanctuary of Santa Maria la Nova, in Scicli, and what kind of reception will follow has not been said. Leo never said a word of what he would have wanted for his yes day. And least of all it did the boyfriend, so reserved that he has no social profile. Sicilian like Miriam (he is originally from Caltagirone, she from Acireale), beautiful Mediterranean face (as can be seen from the rare photos stolen by the paparazzi) Paolo moved to Milan to study at the Cattaneo University where in 2006 he obtained a degree in Economics and Finance.

But it is also entrepreneur and musician: he is part of the Milanese band Apple Jack (founded in Milan in the early 2000s) of which he is also financial manager.

The relationship with Miriam would have started about two years ago, but in reality it is not possible to indicate a certain date precisely because of the couple’s confidentiality. In 2020 the rumor had spread that the two were intent on getting married, however, the news was denied by the actress herself: «I read news that say that I would be getting married. But I still don’t see the ring! I received an avalanche of phone calls from people offended because they had not been invited or informed (…) in particular, our aunts in Sicily were upset: they have been keeping my trousseau ready for years. Sorry to disappoint, no wedding. But I confirm that the person is there “, Miriam had declared in an interview.

The two have always avoided making their relationship public. Here is then explained why not even a photo appears on Miriam’s Instagram page where she can be seen next to her Paolo, of whose existence there is not the slightest trace. But apparently the ring has finally arrived. This time the wedding will really take place. No official announcements, no photos to seal the event. As in the style of the future spouses. However, the silence of the actress and her partner was betrayed by an official note from the Municipality in which they decided to get married. “The municipal administration of Scicli, which has been working on the event for thirteen months, will make known by the hour the provisions for modifying the viability in the historic center for that date”, it was read on the Facebook page of the village in the Ragusa area where Miriam and Paolo are about to say yes. In short, trying to ensure smooth traffic for the big day, the municipality ended up revealing the date of the ceremony. Till now the couple’s public and official appearances were virtually non-existent. As indeed the photos that portray them together. Who knows if at least after the “yes” we will have some photos of the newlyweds.

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