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Miriam Leone the anniversary and the pregnancy: the new photo

On 18 September 2021 Miriam Leone married Paolo Carullo in Scicli, Sicily. Two years later, the actress, former Miss Italy, relives all the emotions of that day on her social networks. And she, with an unpublished shot in a wedding dress, wanted to wish happy anniversary to the man who took her to the altar and who is about to make her a mother. The former beauty queen, in fact, is pregnant, she is expecting her first child. And this year’s wedding anniversary couldn’t be sweeter.

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«Two years ago “ni maritamu” (translated: we got married!)… my heart is full of love every day!!!» wrote Miriam Leone on Instagram. It is no coincidence that she used the Sicilian dialect in his post. Miriam, in fact, is very attached to her homeland. Land that she served as the location for her wedding with Paolo Carullo, also Sicilian.

Leafing through the album of memories of the most beautiful day, the actress chose a shot in which she appears embraced and smiling together with her husband. And, after thanking friends and relatives who participated in their joy, her post is all for him: «Thanks to you, my love, who hugs me and makes me laugh like this… happy expectant anniversary!!».

Miriam Leone: «Now my new journey begins»
After having been a mother many times for work, now Miriam Leone will be one for real. Here you talk about free choice, the innocent questions not to ask, the internal paths to follow. And she says to us: «I’m very happy, and I was happy before too, in a different way»

A post that is worth more than any dedication of love. Moreover, it is not the first time that the former Miss shares with her followers her feelings towards her husband. At the end of August, her birthday wishes to her Paolo also arrived via social media: «You are my other half and not because I feel incomplete, but because with you happiness multiplies and the difficulties are halved. I will tell you the rest orally and, as always, with my eyes. Best wishes Love” wrote Miriam Leone next to a shot of the couple.

This is a truly special moment for the actress and financial entrepreneur. The two, in fact, are about to expand their family. «I had this bacon, never seen before. But above all, it had been a while since everything people told me hadn’t touched me much, in a constant bliss” she said, revealing that she realized she was pregnant before even taking the pregnancy test. «I didn’t have the need to get married, when I met my husband I said “yes with him”it’s precisely the person who makes the difference” the actress said some time ago to Very true. And, two years later, he hasn’t changed his mind at all.

Source: Vanity Fair

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