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Missile that hit Kostiantynifka market earlier this month was Ukrainian, new evidence suggests

Evidence suggests that the explosion which took place in the crowded market place in the city Kostiantynifka, in eastern Ukraineearlier this month, was caused by a Ukrainian missile that deviated from its course, the New York Times reported in an article today.

Kiev has announced that the explosion, which occurred on September 6 and caused death of at least 16 people, caused by Russian missileo. “Evidence gathered and analyzed by The New York Times, including fragments of the missile, satellite images, testimonies and social media posts, strongly suggests that the devastating blow was caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile fired from a Buk system and deviated from his course”, notes the American newspaper and relays APE-MPE.

It cites air defense experts who said that missiles like the one that hit the Kostiantynifka market can deviate from their course for a number of reasons, including electronic system problems or some thruster vane damage of the rocket.

At the same time, the New York Times noted that footage from a security camera showed that the missile came from territory under Ukrainian control. The newspaper also cited evidence that a few minutes before the strike, the Ukrainian army had launched two surface-to-air missiles against the Russians from the town of Druzkifka, about 16 kilometers northwest of Kostiantynifka.

He cited two eyewitnesses who stated that they saw the rockets being fired from Druzkifka in the direction of where the Russian troops on the front line. In fact, one of them said that the rockets were directed towards Kostiantynifka.

The New York Times also reported that craters caused by the explosion and debris found at the site matched a 9M38 missile, which is fired by the Buk mobile air defense system. This system is used by both Ukraine and Russia.

Reuters was unable to independently confirm the information. An adviser to the Ukrainian president has not yet responded to a request for comment. A spokesman for Ukraine’s armed forces said, according to the New York Times, that the country’s security services are looking into the incident and for that reason he cannot comment on the matter.

Source: News Beast

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