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Missing Brazilian dies while climbing mountain in Peru

Mountaineer and guide Marcelo Motta Delvaux, who had been missing since June 30, died while climbing in Peru, according to family members.

Marcelo disappeared on Nevado Coropuna, the fourth highest mountain in the country at approximately 6,435 meters above sea level, located in the city of Arequipa.

His sister Patrícia Delvaux reported to CNN that the search for the mountaineer began on July 4th. On the 30th, he had already stopped giving news, since the GPS that the guide used had stopped working.

Patrícia said she was informed about Marcelo’s disappearance through the mountaineer’s girlfriend, who said it would be necessary to contact the Peruvian authorities.

Marcelo was supposed to return to the hotel where he was staying on July 1st, but he did not return.

The hotel reported the mountaineer missing. However, as the location had no equipment or people skilled in climbing, it was not possible to carry out a rescue.

The Brazilian’s family then created an online fundraiser to hire suitable guides for Peru.

They were sent on Friday night (5), but it was only this Sunday (7) that the family received the news that the mountaineer had been found lifeless.

“When they got up there, they found his poles stuck in the ice and the crack open, which is where he fell and probably died instantly. Because he was unable to activate the GPS’s ‘SOS’, we assume he fell there. The crack is very deep, very difficult to perform a rescue,” commented Patrícia.

The victim’s sister also said that information about Marcelo’s disappearance took a long time to arrive, both because of the remote location without internet, and because no Peruvian authority returned her contact about her brother’s whereabouts.

Pedro Hauck, mountain guide and friend of Marcelo, told CNN who believes that the crack in which the Brazilian was was very deep.

The fall would have been very sudden and violent and, therefore, he would have been unconscious or unable to resist the blows when he fell into the crevice.

Pedro also said that he still doesn’t know what the next steps will be and whether the family or the Peruvian government itself will make a team available to remove Marcelo’s body from the crevasse.

The Itamaraty reported, in a note, that the Consular Section of the Brazilian Embassy in Lima, in the country’s capital, has been following the case, maintaining contact with local authorities and family and friends of the victim and providing the appropriate consular assistance.

Source: CNN Brasil

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