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Missing jiu-jitsu fighter’s body found in Rio de Janeiro

Missing jiu-jitsu fighter’s body found in Rio de Janeiro

The body of a jiu-jitsu fighter, who had gone missing, was found on Monday (30) by his family at the Instituto Médica Legal in Campo Grande, a neighborhood in the north of Rio de Janeiro. Vinicius Leone Gedes Soares aged 20, had not been seen since the afternoon of May 22.

The information was confirmed to CNN by relatives of the victim, who said that the young man’s hands had been cut off.

Vinicius disappeared along with his friend, the jiu-jitsu teacher Mateus Vandre Farias dos Santos , 25 years old. The details of their disappearance are still a mystery to relatives and authorities.

According to family members, Mateus was having lunch at his house when an uncle appeared asking to borrow an extension cord. The boy left the television on and the rest of the food on his plate and went to the gate to tell his relative that he would not have the object to lend him. Then he leaves again messing with his cell phone and doesn’t return. The moment was captured by a security camera.

Vinícius’ grandmother, Leone Gedes Soares , said that, on the day of the disappearance, his grandson returned from work in the afternoon to have lunch at home. After eating, he said he was going out and would be back soon, but he never returned. The boy was found lifeless at the IML eight days later.

Whereabouts Discovery Police (DDPA) agents are working on the case.

According to family members, Mateus Vandre is still missing. The family has not had any news of the boy so far.

Source: CNN Brasil