Mistakes not to make when shaving

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Do not soothe the skin

After hair removal, the skin may feel dry or slightly irritated as a result post hair removal «It is good to use creams that contain soothing active ingredients such as calendula or chamomileable to protect the skin barrier compromised by the operation “.

Forget about sunscreen

«Finally we must never forget that the skin must always be protected from the negative rays of the suneven more after hair removal because it could be irritated or inflamed and consequently easily prone to post-inflammatory spots which under the action of UV rays can only get worse. This situation often occurs on the area above the upper lip ”, concludes Marilisa Franchini.

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Not shaving is also ok

Although there are now many men who shave their bodies, this practice remains culturally associated with female users and Although more and more Gen Z girls are letting their hair grow, that choice often becomes the subject of unhappy jokes. To counter them, Veet launched together with the association Do X wellthe social and training campaign #dressing room aimed at high school students, which aims to combat episodes of bullying and bodyshaming in reference to the hairs.

The campaign, which began in the last days of the school year, is preparatory to a broader calendar of initiatives that will begin in schools starting in September 2022.

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