Mobile Electrician 4.9

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Mobile electrician – basic electrical calculations in your mobile.

The program will help you calculate:

  • Ohm’s law current, voltage, power and resistance.
  • The total capacitance for parallel and series connection of capacitors.
  • Total resistance for parallel and series connection of resistors.
  • Capacitance resistance to alternating current.
  • Calculation of capacitors for starting a three-phase motor in a single-phase network
  • Conductor resistance as a function of conductor material, length, cross-section and temperature.
  • Voltage divider calculation
  • Resistor calculation for LED
  • Permissible continuous current for wires and cables according to Pue tables (Electrical Installation Code).
  • The cross-section of a wire or cable for heating and voltage losses according to the specified parameters (Wires and cables are selected from the Pue tables).
  • Calculation of the cross-section of the cable and the circuit breaker for connecting the electric motor. (Wires and cables are selected from Pue tables).
  • Fuse and wire (bug) to replace a blown fuse link.
  • Minimum prospective short-circuit current.
  • Voltage loss in a conductor, for a given length, cross-section and current, taking into account the temperature of the medium and the material of the conductor.
  • The total leakage current for determining the residual breaking current of the RCD.
  • Electric heating element made of nichrome wire.
  • Cross-sectional diameter and cross-sectional diameter.
  • Conversion: Active power – Apparent power – Reactive power
  • Reactive power compensation calculation
  • Convert AWG (American Wire Gauge) to inches, millimeters, square millimeters and vice versa.
  • Temperature converter.
  • Calculation of generator power for the house.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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