Moderna Vaccine: Available in the third week of April in the UK

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Britain will launch it in mid-April vaccine against Moderna COVID-19, As the Minister in charge of vaccination of the population Nadim Zahawi stated today, adding that the vaccination program is on a good way to achieve the government goals.

“It will be available around the third week of April,” he said, adding that he was confident the government would meet its target of providing a first-dose vaccine to all adults in the country. COVID-19 until the end of July.

Britain’s vaccination program is facing challenges due to supply constraints, but is set to meet its targets, he told LBC Radio, adding that 12 million second doses of vaccine will be available in April.

“Supply is always challenging and supply is not unlimited as you see around the world. But I am convinced (…) that we will achieve our goals “, he noted, as broadcast by AMPE.

Speaking to Sky News, Zahawi said pubs and restaurants would not ask for vaccination certificates when they reopen next week under the current exit plan. lockdown in England.

Under the second phase of the government roadmap for the lifting of restrictive measures, shops and the outdoor pubs will reopen next week, while the reopening of the indoor accommodation is scheduled for May based on the third stage.

“In the country, in the second stage, in which we go (and) in the third stage, there will be absolutely no issue for pubs or restaurants to claim any form certificateSaid Zahawi.

“However it is responsible as we will see how the virus behaves, as we will see other countries use technology to ensure they keep the virus under control, then let’s look at the same,” he added.

Speaking to Times Radio, Zahawi said the British parliament should vote on any plan to introduce a vaccination certificate for use in businesses and hospitality in the country, stressing that no decision has been made yet.

“We have not yet reached a decision on what we want to do on this issue within the country, because there are so many issues that need careful consideration,” he said. “We have not reached there yet, but (…) if if we get there, then of course we will go to parliament for a vote. “

He also told BBC TV that any COVID-19 certification system adopted by the United Kingdom should be practical and should not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.

“We will not face a situation where the government is going to allow this to happen,” he said when asked if a certification system would be biased.

“Everyone can take a test. There is no discrimination. “But not everyone can get a vaccine (…) and that’s why we have to look at all the technologies to make sure they work together.”

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