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Mom accidentally runs over and kills her son while parking her car

A tragic accident rocked the population of Salta, Argentina, when a mother accidentally ran over her own one-year-old son while trying to park her vehicle.

According to the site 0221, the incident claimed the life of the minor, who breathed his last in the hospital room to which he was referred for immediate attention. The boy’s mother said that she did not realize that her son was in front of the vehicle and rammed it with one of the wheels at head height.

Official sources indicated that the woman had a nervous breakdown and called 911 to request support for what happened. Shortly after, medical and police personnel arrived at the scene and urgently transferred the minor to the La Caldera hospital, from which he was later referred to the Materno Infantil de Salta.

The woman received medical assistance and professional support to regain calm, which did not last long, as her son died due to the injuries he received to the head.

The little boy was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of “serious head injury with loss of consciousness due to crushing of the skull.” While there, he underwent a series of operations, but passed away on Friday, May 12.

It is worth mentioning that the news had not been made public until a few hours ago, as the family involved requested respect for the situation.

Source: Okchicas

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