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Mom chimpanzee at Valencia zoo mourns the loss of her baby and carries it dead in her arms for months

Visitors to the Bioparc zoo in the Spanish city of Valencia have been faced with an extremely moving sight for the past three months: a chimpanzee mourning her dead baby and carrying it in her arms. “Natalia” lost her baby when it was only a few days old. Since then she seems unable to part with it. “This behavior has previously been observed in chimpanzees, not only in zoos but also in the wild,” Miguel Casares, the head of Bioparc, told Reuters. Like humans, chimpanzees can mourn their loved ones, but what is unusual is such intense and prolonged mourning. However, Casares says that Natalia's mourning should be respected just as it is with humans: “Our visitors, who are initially shocked by the sight of a dead baby chimpanzee, understand once we explain to them why we left it and why we keep it under monitoring”. Natalia had […]
Source: News Beast

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