Mom could no longer pay rent and built a home for her 4 children using what was available to her

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The world economy is not at its best, that’s why many families reach the end of the month without a ticket in their pockets, but despite the difficulties, there are those who manage to get ahead intelligently, like Vanesa Canelo.

The mother of four had to face really difficult financial times, because she did not have money to pay the rent, but that did not stop her and she decided to build her own home using only the resources that were within her reach. This is how he built a decent home for his little ones.

The money ran out, but he did not sit idly by

Just a few days ago, money started to run out and she thought her world was falling apart, but even so, she couldn’t waste time regretting the situation, so she looked for a way to give her children a roof over their heads.

His parents had inherited an empty lot from him and this was the perfect opportunity to start creating his own home. Carrying tools and construction materials that he could get was how little by little he built his house.

I picked this up and had help from some people who came to give me a hand. My goal is to have my children in here. That is why we want to come to live in our home as soon as possible. I want to finish it quickly because my children suffer from the cold, even one of them is asthmatic and it makes her very sick.

Vanesa knew some masonry

Woman making her home brick by brick

She always liked the trade of masonry and sometimes worked in construction, but she was also asking for advice and some acquaintances approached her to help her, including her young children.

I always liked masonry. I was learning with directions, the husband of a friend guided me, people, bricklayers, my uncle. And many are surprised to see a woman raising a wall, preparing a mixture, filling a column. Everything about masonry, but I like it.

Soon your children will have a decent home

Woman making her home brick by brick

Currently, Vanesa obtains funds from the Universal Assignment, a government aid from her country, but she clarified that most of the money is destined for her children and everything they need. Meanwhile, she works to build a roof for them.

He still needs to do the roof, because he needs materials such as beams, bricks and iron, but for now he knows that by his effort, dedication and work he will be able to give his children a better life.

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